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About Me

My name is Anthony (Nyambe) Zaza, but you can call me Mbembe. I am a independent  illustrator, cartoonist, and graphic designer. I've worked on a wide range of illustration projects, including character designs and visual storyboarding for animation, as well as comics, magazines, children's books, and posters. I've worked on a variety of branding projects, including packaging design and logo design. I do commission work and spend my free time painting, illustrating, and learning how to animate. Over the years, I've created visual solutions for a wide range of wonderful clients. 

My artwork is frequently described as dynamic and exploratory. I'm inspired by mid-century modern art, science fiction, comic books, and a variety of cartoons and anime. In my spare time, I enjoy creating pin-up art and fan art.  Aside from art, I'm an okay gamer, I enjoy Earl Grey tea with honey, I travel, and I'm a big daydreamer. 


I am always looking for exciting new projects and creative opportunities. For freelance work inquiries or general question feel free to contact me by email at


I have worked with to wonderful clients.

 Illustration Clients Include:

  • Game Rangers International

  • Young and Rubicam,

  • UTH-HAP,

  • Digiprint Zambia,

  • Agricomm,


  • Black Dot,

  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit  (GIZ)

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