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Northern Circuit logo


Northern Circuit Company is a craft beer manufacturer based in Zambia. Our mission is to create exciting beer that contributes to the establishment of an indigenous Zambian brand. 

The  logo design represents our commitment to quality and innovation. It embodies our passion for brewing and our dedication to creating a unique and memorable experience for our customers. 

Logo design process

Northern Circuit shield and poppy

This sign shield's pattern has been altered to mimic the barley hop. The logo is straightforward and combines the hop and the shield to make it larger to view.

Northern Circuit Black and white test print

Black and White print test

Northern Circuit colour test

Colour Brand

Mock up

The mock up of the use of the Northern Circuit logo on the beer label is visually striking and captures the essence of the brand. The incorporation of the logo on the label will surely attract consumers and enhance brand recognition. 

Northern Circuit  Beer Bottle Mockup
Northern Circuit Beer Bottle Mockup 3
Northern Circuit Beer Bottle Mockup 2
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